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Online and Offline trading

Offline trading is the traditional way of transacting the shares through a broker probably by means of phone. Online trading is a revolutionary change introduced in 21st century which lead to a huge improvement in the trading volume. This is one of the reasons why the turnovers of stock exchanges increased phenomenally. National Stock Exchange is the first exchange in India to introduce online trading. There are innumerable advantages in online trading when compared with offline trading but still some traders still prefer trading offline due to security reasons.

Advantage of online trading to offline trading:

Time – Only a trader knows how important time factor is, at the time of trading. Online trading makes it quite easy to place order in a few clicks saving lot of time.
Money – It also avoids all miscellaneous costs as in case of offline trading, broking firms charge extra for the service they provide.
Minimizing losses – Trader can square off his positions immediately when markets turn against his positions which is never possible in traditional type of trading
Buying & Selling – One of the most advantages a trader could experience is trigger trading where he/she need not wait till the required price comes. In case of buying or selling (including stop loss trade), the trader is just a click away to place his order and leave the terminal. So, there is no need to buy at current price or wait till the price arrives.

Apart for the above advantages, there are also many advantages in online trading comforting the trader and helps in gaining maximum profits.

Posted By: Rahul Soni                 Posted on: 2016-05-18 13:33:13                 Updated on: 2016-06-24 16:46:35