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Nifty Options

Nifty call put trading allow the traders to earn maximum with limited risk. As everyone knows, the profitablity in nifty options trading is unlimited with calculated loss. This is one of the quickest possible way to earn fast and huge with very less investment when compared with nifty future trading. There are times when nifty options gifted a return of 10 times to the capital in a single trade. Also the feature of high volatility adds up more to already high volatile options raising curtains to earn more. This is the reason if a trader could predict a nifty fall or rise of 100 points, he can double or even triple his capital in just one trade.

Features of this article:

Very high volatility in Nifty Options
Limited risk and unlimited profits is the main speciality of this kind.
Nifty call put allow fast and more profits than nifty futures or cash
Compared to stock options, buyers and sellers are more making it easy to trade.
Available at low investment around Rs.5,000 for 1 lot of options
Nifty call option to be bought when markets are moving up
Nifty put option to be bought when markets are moving down
This type of options trading offer a good risk-reward ratio.

Posted By: Mukesh Chouhan                 Posted on: 2016-09-07 17:07:23                 Updated on: 2016-09-07 17:07:23