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Nifty Tips

Nifty tips are the recommendations used to trade in nifty cash, nifty futures or nifty options. Nifty future tips and nifty options tips are another two classifications which need many features to be carefully checked before trading.

Features to be checked for Nifty Tips:

* Intraday nifty tips/positional tips depending on the requirement
* Take break even for nifty futures trading around 3-4 points for brokerage and other charges
* Take break even for nifty options trading around 2-3 points for brokerage.
* While subscribing to nifty tips, check the levels of SMS or any other electronic means.
* See that at least risk-reward ratio is around 1:1 in nifty options tips
* Check whether nifty tips are live market or pre-market
* Check the accuracy of the recommendations and see that they have at least 70% – 80%
* Number of tips per day are executable or not is very important from a trader view. More trades lead to more brokerage.
* Number of targets given by a nifty tips provider must also be taken in to consideration before subscribing.
* Also its important to check the number of calls open at a time. Some providers initiate 2 calls simultaneously which may lead to trade confusion.
* Intraday and positional trades are to be carried out in different accounts.
* See that the maximum stoploss is not more than 0.5%-1%
* As the volatility is more in nifty index than that of stocks, watch carefully before entering in to the trade.
* Prefer personal calling than SMS or mails to avoid time delay during the nifty trade.
* Check whether any free trial is available or not
* If not, ask for paid trial 1 week or 15 days to know the service.
* As time factor is very important during the trade, premium SMS services are to be given.
* Investment is the main concern in nifty trading. Invest as per your risk appetite and do not over trade.
* Anything around 20% should be considered as a fair income in nifty index trade.

Posted By: Rajeev Srivastav                 Posted on: 2016-09-17 13:09:45                 Updated on: 2016-09-17 13:09:45