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Free Nifty Option Tips

Free Nifty Option Tips are offered by some websites which are to be thoroughly checked before commencing any trade. These tips are either published on websites or send to mobile through sms. Former type of free nifty option tips could be trusted where as free nifty tips delived to mobile without subscription are extremely dangerous as tips providers manipulate their trades by asking clients to enter. For instance, a person has a position of 5500 nifty option call at 90 and he needs to exit that at 100. By sending free message to all the clients to buy the same 5500 nifty call at 90, the call rises to 100 as more number of buyers suddenly enters in to the option call. When the price reaches to 100, the provider who sent the message will exit after which the call may fall back to 90 or 80 due to its original characteristic positon leaving all others in to loss.

The other form of free option tips are published directly on the websites which are free in nature. There won’t be much problem with this kind of free tips as they are published before the market hours and the chances for manipulation are almost nill. Before using these kind of trades, traders must do paper trades for a month or two to find the accuracy of the free nifty option tips.If the accuracy remains atleast 80% to 85% , they become very useful with high transperancy.

Features to check while using free nifty option tips

What is the accuracy of the tips
Whether the free nifty option tips are published on website or receiving on mobile through sms
What is the premium of nifty option calls
Are the calls “buy above and sell below” or at current market price levels
Whether the free nifty option tips are ITM, OTM or ATM
Whether the calls are of positional or intraday because in case of positional, free clients may not get updates.
Is the stoploss and targets given with the call?
If yes, what is the risk and reward ratio of free nifty option tips.
How many targets are given for each call?

These are some of the points to be checked carefully while trading in free nifty option tips

Posted By: Rajeev Srivastav                 Posted on: 2016-09-30 17:01:32                 Updated on: 2016-09-30 17:01:32