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Nifty Chart

Nifty chart is used to predict the future movement of nifty. This could be done with the help of technical indicators. There are many indicators and overlays studies to find the trend of nifty futures. Some of the studies are:

Bullish patterns
Bearish patterns
Stochastic Oscillator
Relative Strength Index
William %R oscillator
Bollinger bands
parabolic SAR
Moving averages
Trend Lines
Chaikin Oscillator
Ultimate Oscillator
Fibonacci Retracement

and many moreā€¦

we deal with each of them in detail in every article. Before we look at all the above studies, we need to know what are the advantages of nifty chart and what do we get from the index chart.

In these charts, we can predict the future movement of nifty index
We also can do analysis taking different studies and past history in to consideration
Nifty chart is used to find the trend in different markets
In this article, let us know what are bullish patterns and how to track them using japanese candlesticks

Important bullish patterns to track are hammer, morning star, morning doji star, bullish engulfing.
All the above four patterns indicate a trend reversal.
Trend reversal takes place from bearish phase to bullish phase
In hammer bullish pattern, a shape resembling hammer will be forme
In mornig star, first candle is bearish one with second and third trying to fill the gap on the nifty live chart
In bullish engulfing pattern, bullish candle is engulfed by bearish candle on nifty future chart
In morning doji star, middle candle stands neutral with first candle as bear and last one as bull candle on nifty chart

Posted By: Vikas Sharma                 Posted on: 2016-10-14 10:53:13                 Updated on: 2016-10-14 10:53:13