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Nifty Live

In this article, we discuss about the term nifty live, type of live charts, advantages and one study used in the intraday nifty chart or positional nifty chart

* Nifty live is the term used to represent real time chart or quote of nifty.
* These charts are of two categories, one is for nifty index and the other for nifty future.
* Most of the traders, day traders or positional traders prefer future chart to index chart.
* Several indicators and studies are used in nifty future chart to find the trend of the nifty future.
* Bearish patterns is the most important study during the bear markets to predict the market trend.

Bearish Patterns used in nifty live chat:

* Bearish patterns are formed at the top of the nifty live chart during the trend reversal from bull phase to bear phase.
* Important bearish patterns are shooting star, hanging man, evening star, bearish engulfing, harami, Evening doji star.
* Shooting star is also called as inverted hammer. It forms the shape of inverted hammer at the top on intraday live chart.
* Hanging man forms the shape similar to a man hanging at the top.
* Evening star pattern is the exact reverse pattern to morning star where second and third patterns tend to fall at the top of the chart
* In Bearish engulfing, a bear candle covers the previous bull candle completely opening the phase for a bear trend.
* Harami is the reversal of a bearish engulfing where the long bull candle is followed by a small bear candle.

Posted By: Pankaj                 Posted on: 2016-10-22 12:12:31                 Updated on: 2016-10-22 12:12:31