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How to avoid investment frauds

How to avoid investment frauds today some simple measures to avoid frauds variety show that there are often your agent Agents. Investment and insurance plans are sold by the often misleading. In the absence of information is often told by the agent that takes hold on customer confidence. Here are some tips to prevent fraud in Nibesh we are told, so that when you invest so be careful and not eat cheat. If my friend had invested Invest in Mutual Funds Mutual Fund Agent The agent who sold them Ulip ULIP. Many times it happens that the agent Agent dreams and plans, or product of a show but when you actually arrive and paper to invest in it implies something else. Investors have many investors because of laziness or because there is no information that the documents did not see the papers of which he met them that not everything is perfect. We had warned you before about how some of the great promises agent Agent sell anything. It was also explained how to choose your agent. Then when you make any investment, the investment after receipt paper have to do what we want to tell you: 1. This is what was invested in the scheme: It is important that you check it and take care of your needs according to the scheme had invested what papers are invested in the scheme. Is it the agents commission in the affair have given any such plan is not in line with your needs. The mutual funds and ULIP (ULIP) is important to understand the difference. Mutual Funds Mutual Funds medium time (five to seven years) are good for investment and for ten years or longer for ULIP Ulip. ULIP Ulip cut in the first year, but more charges in the ULIP mutual funds over a long period is beneficial. 2. See the information Well make sure that your name, your address, date of birth, contact number, nominee (nominee) as the name that is full of important information right there. Remember that if you ever have any insurance or ULIP and none of the information is not correct to claim, as many such problems may also come. Some companies also get a copy of the form you sent to check him too well that you are Bejtin fill your form has not changed him a bad agent. 3. Plan Terms and Conditions: very long, boring and written in legal language must read the Terms and Conditions. If something did not understand any information about him not knowing avoided. Most companies also do customer care number to contact the company or own office / branch should. 4. Fees and charges: Also make sure that what was being described as fees and charges are the same or are more. Take one of charges in future. After seeing all this, and after finding everything right Keep your papers. If possible, put in a plastic file or folder. Wooden cupboard instead of iron is much safer to keep in the closet. Keep your home must also explain where the responsible persons. The visiting card of paper with your agent aware of your investment time, which are easily accessible to untimely. The next time that you tell him how you should cheat you should dealt agent. GET OUR MORE DETAILS & SERVICES VISIT -

Posted By: CapitalStars                 Posted on: 2016-01-13 13:04:11                 Updated on: 2016-01-13 13:04:11